Estimation. Process toward a successful client proposal

It's about breaking down the project into tasks that can be priced with greater precision. It's about being able to derive at a great price for you and your client. It's about being able to see the big picture with great detail. Presentable proposal derived directly from your estimation. Divide and concur strategy while estimating labor, material, equipment, overhead and profit, one task at at time.


Your Bid. Making it presentable to your client.

Harness all the hard work that went into estimating and turn it into a presentable client proposal. Expose only the details you want your client to see while refining your internal costs and resources with your management.


Your Workbench.

  • Real-time calculations and composition.
  • Intuitive task breakdown design for rapid estimation.
  • On-demand output for internal and client review.
  • User list of current, active and completed Proposals.
  • Turn a proposal into a full fledged Project.
  • Integration with Job Management available.